Thursday, January 3, 2019

Calculate Shipping Cost based from the Fulfilling Subsidiary's location on the Sales Order created for the External Customer in Intercompany Drop Ship Transaction

Customer ABC Company purchased a drop ship item from Subsidiary A but it is the Subsidiary B's location that will directly shipped the item to Customer ABC. In the Sales Order for Customer ABC Company, only locations of Subsidiary A are available, hence shipping cost that needs to be charged to customer ABC is incorrect.

1.Create new location under Purchasing Subsidiary (Subsidiary A) and copy the Address of Fulfilling Subsidiary (Subsidiary B's) location.
-Navigate to Setup> Company> Locations> New
-Subsidiary = Purchasing Subsidiary
-Address = same address of Fulfilling Subsidiary Location
2.On the Sales Order for the External Customer (ABC Co.), select the location created above on the Location field.
3.Navigate to Shipping tab and select Ship Via and Shipping Method, then click Calculate link or calculator icon.
4.Click Save button

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