Friday, January 4, 2019

Contact Record can be Viewed in the Customer Record but not Searchable in Global Search and will get an Error Message "Permission Violation: this contact does not belong to your group" when Editing the Record

User does not want to change the Employee Restriction and the user who created the Contact records is the assigned Sales Rep in the Customer record.

Setup of the custom Role:

1. Center Type is Accounting Center.
2. Employee Restrictions is Own and Subordinates Only.
3. Contacts Level Permission is Full.

A.  Create Contact.
1. Navigating to Lists > Relationships > Contacts > New.
2. Fill up the necessary field.
3. Upon saving user received an error message Permission Violation: this contact does not belong to your group.

Note: The record was created even user received the error message. Please make sure Company field is not set as mandatory.

Search the Contact name in the Global Search.

Result: No records found.


1. Log in as Administrator.
2. Edit Contact record and select the name of the Company.
3. Save.

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