Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Create a Project Profitability Report to show Actual Costs from POs/Expenses Entered Against a Project

There is no standard report yet to show the actual project profitability. Enhancement 112581 has been logged to address this kind of report. An alternate solution for this would be customizing your Customer Profitability Report to show Job Name and filter Jobs only. Here are the steps for the workaround:

1. Navigate to Reports > Customer/Receivables > Customer Profitability
2. Click Customize
3. Highlight Customer:Job column. Hit Remove button (just below the columns)
4. Open Customer/Job folder and click Job Name to add the field in the Report Preview columns
5. Go to Filters tab
6. Open Customer/Job folder and click Is Job field as one of the filters. Select True
7. Edit the name of the Custom Report and click Save.

Note: To access, go to Reports > Saved Reports > All Saved Reports.

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