Sunday, January 6, 2019

Create a search to know quantity yet to be received and fulfilled



1. Navigate to Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New > Transaction.

2. In the Criteria tab, add the following:

- Type is Purchase Order

- Status is any of Purchase Order:Pending Receipt, Purchase Order:Partially Received, Purchase Order:Pending Billing/Partially Received

- Item Fields : Type is any of Inventory Item, Assembly/Bill of Materials

3. In the Results tab, add the following:

Item ________ Summary Type = Group_____Summary Label = Item Name

Formula (Numeric) ___Summary Type = Sum ____ Formula = {quantity}-NVL({quantityshiprecv},0)____Summary Label = Quantity Yet to be Received

Formula Numeric____ Summary Type = Sum_____ Formula = NVL({item.quantitybackordered},0)+NVL({item.quantitycommitted},0) ____ Summary Label = Quantity Yet to be Fulfilled

4. Give the search a different name and click on Save and Run.

The search will show you the item and its quantity yet to be received and quantity to be fulfilled.

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