Monday, January 7, 2019

Create a transaction saved search including transactions with preferred item but excluding transactions if they also include other items aside from the preferred items

Consider the following example:

1. Sales Order 1 contains the following items:

AA Item

AB Item                                                                       

2. Sales Order 2 contains the following items:

AA Item

AB Item

AC Item

Problem: How to create a transaction saved search which will include transactions that contains AA Item and AB Item. However, if aside from AA Item and AB Item, the transaction also includes other items (e.g. AC Item), the said transaction must be excluded.


1. Navigate to Lists> Search> Saved Searches> New> Transaction.

2. Under Criteria tab> Standard sub tab> Filter, set the following:

- Type: select transaction type (e.g. Sales Order)

- Item: is any of: select the items which if contained in the transaction, would include the said transaction in the saved search results (e.g. AA Item and AB Item)

- Item On Any Line: does not include: select the items which if contained in the transaction, would exclude the said transaction in the saved search results (e.g. AC Item)

3. Rename the Search Title.

4. Hit Save and Run.






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