Monday, January 21, 2019

Custom Field Sourced from List/Record Field and Filter by Custom Record Type Display no Selection

1. Log in as Administrator.
2. Create a custom record named as Record.
3. In the Fields tab you may add multiple fields. (Ex. Department)
4. Create a custom column field via Customization > Lists, Records, & FieldsTransaction Line Fields > New.
5. In the Applies To tab, select the record you want to apply the field. (Ex: Time).
6. Enter Label (e.g. Field Sample) 
7. Set the Type to List/Record
8. In List/Record, select the Record (Custom record created) 
9. Store Value should set to Yes
10. In Sourcing & Filtering:
Filter Using = Department
Compare Type = equal
Compare to Field = Department

11. Create time tracking navigating to Transaction > Employees > Track Time
12. Enter Employee.
13. Department automatically populate to Marketing.
14. Click the Field Sample field to display the list of Record equivalent to Marketing department.

Actual Result:
No values in dropdown list.

The list/record type Record should be a list segment not a dropdown field.

Users can modify the settings of this field navigating to Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > General > Optimizing NetSuite section:

Number of Rows in List Segments
Maximum Entries in Dropdowns

Note: This is alternative solution to Issue 245076.

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