Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Disable Integrated Shipping Label When Fulfilling a Drophip Sales Order without having to Clear the Integrated Shipping Label box in the Item Fulfillment

When users dropships items from a sales order with an integrated shipping method, it is passed on to the purchase order fulfillment. It will also print an integrated shipping label. Since a dropship order is shipped directly from the vendor to the end-customer, the vendor will handle the shipment. Consequently, you need to turn off the shipping label integration.

Aside from manually turning it off from the item fulfillment, what user can do is to create a real-time rate but non-integrated shipping item. You can select this in the sales order. It will enable you to still generate real-time rate but not print a shipping label.


1. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items
2. View the shipping item you would like to copy. (There's no Make Copy option here users have to take note of all the setting in the shipping item except for the Shipping Label Integration box)
3. Create a new shipping item. Go to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items > New
4. Enter all the details taken in Step#2
5. Give it the same name and append "For Dropshipment"
6. Clear the Shipping Label Integration box)
7. Click Save

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