Thursday, January 3, 2019

Display the Percentage and Value of Total Won Opportunities Against the Total Opportunities Using an Opportunity Saved Search

Solution: Users will need to use a formula to pull up the necessary result as it requires some computation. Please refer to the steps below:

1. Navigate to List > Search > Saved Searches > New > Opportunities.
2. Under the Results tab, create the column below:

  • Field = Formula (Percentage)
  • Summary Type = Maximum

  • Formula = SUM(CASE WHEN {entitystatus} = 'Won' THEN {projectedamount} ELSE 0 END)/NULLIF(sum(CASE WHEN {entitystatus} in ( 'Won','Lost') THEN {projectedamount} ELSE 0 END),0)

3. Users can choose the desired columns to add on the Results tab.
4. Save the changes.

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