Friday, January 18, 2019

Import Actuals from NetSuite to Adaptive by Customer Category rather than by Customer only

This article is intended for accounts integrated with Adaptive Insights, NetSuite's partner in delivering financial management solutions.

Users can add new values (Customer Categories) only under the the Customer dimension. This allows users to plan by Customer Category in the application. However, it is not possible to add more NetSuite Categories to the Import Configuration.

Next to each of the NetSuite categories, select the corresponding Adaptive Insights dimension from the dropdown list. If multiple NetSuite categories map to one Adaptive Insights dimension, it is acceptable to have the same dimension selected in multiple dropdown fields. If one category in NetSuite corresponds with more than one dimension in Adaptive Insights, click the Add link. An additional dimension dropdown list will appear and here another Adaptive Insights dimension can be associated with that category. Up to three additional dimension dropdown lists are available for each category, which means that each category can be associated with as many as four dimensions.

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