Thursday, January 17, 2019

Item Receipt Rate is Different from Purchase Order Rate

The Item Receipt  Rate is calculated based on Total Amount divided by Quantity. To illustrate:

1.  Create Item Record 'A' with Vendor 'A' and Purchase Price 10.00

2.  Create a Purchase Order. Use Vendor 'A'. Enter Item 'A' with Quantity=10, Rate=10.00 & Amount=100.00

3.  Edit the Purchase Order. Change the Amount from 100.00 to 175.00

4.  Hit Save.

Note: A pop-up will appear with the following message. Just click OK.

The line total amount is not equal to the item price times the quantity. Is this correct?

5. Back to the Purchase Order page,  click Receive button

6.  Notice the Item Receipt > Rate is 17.50



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