Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Item Serial/Lot Number Does Not Appear in a Support Case

An Item Serial/Lot Number will appear in the Serial/Lot Number field of a Support Case when the following conditions are met:

- To offer support for an item, go to Lists > Accounting > Items, click the name of the item you want, click Edit and check the Offer Support box
- The Serial/Lot Number field autofills with the lot and serial numbers the customer has ordered or purchased

- A Serial/Lot Number ordered or purchased by a subcustomer or child customer would not appear when the case is created for the parent customer

However, with or without Project Management enabled:

-When a sales order is initially created for a customer and a project record is created from the sales order after, the Serial/Lot Number field on a case record will only populate when the Customer : Project is selected and will not populate for the customer alone.

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