Monday, January 14, 2019

Mass Delete Records in NetSuite through Inline Editing

Important Notes:

  • The solution below requires the Inline Editing feature (Setup > Company > Enable Features > Company tab > Data Management section).
  • Similar to manual deletion, this process is irreversible. Take extra caution when deleting records.

  • Not all record types support inline editing, like Topics and Knowledge Base records.

1. Create a Saved Search that returns the records to be deleted. For more information about creating a saved search, see Using Saved Searches
Answer Id: 8493.

2. After setting all necessary filters, click Preview or Save & Run.

3. In the Results page, turn on Inline Editing: 


4. From the first record in the list, click within any editable column, indicated by a pencil icon as shown below:

5. Select a batch to delete:

  • Hold the Shift key then mouse-click the last line within the column to Delete the entire batch. The selected column will display a dotted border when selected.
  • Hold the Ctrl key then mouse-click on specific lines within the column to only delete specific records from the list

6. Once all target records are selected, press Delete

7. Click OK from the pop-up warning to continue.

For more information, see Using Inline Editing
Answer Id: 8953.

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