Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One World: Amount shows incorrectly when viewing transactions under the View All Transactions link of a vendor, customer, or item record


When viewing saved searches with multi-currency transactions for single instance accounts, the Amount field shows the converted transaction amount which is also the amount displayed when the GL Impact is viewed.

However, when viewing the transactions in a customer or vendor record under More Actions > View All Transactions link, the Amount column shows neither the amount in the actual transaction or in its GL Impact.

The Amount column shows incorrect due to the Per Account default on the Consolidated Exchange Rate on the saved searches.

When creating saved searches in a One World account, the Results tab shows a dropdown for Consolidated Exchange Rate which defaults to Per Account.

However, currently saved searches could not be set to be the default search for the View All Transactions link. An enhancement request has been filed for this - Enhancement # 225169 - Item>More Actions>View All Transactions: Ability to customize or assign a specific Saved Search as default. Note that aside from customer and vendor records, View All Transactions link is also available in item records.

An alternate solution is to view the transactions list of the customer/vendor record or to customize the View All Transactions list view every time it is viewed.

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