Monday, January 7, 2019

Picking Ticket does not display the items

If the items on the sales order and transfer order have already been shipped you will not be able to print a Picking ticket anymore for that sales order. If you try to print a Picking ticket for the sales order or transfer order, it will just be blank and the items will not show up since there are no items to pick anymore.

However, if the item has not been shipped yet, please check if the item on the sales order is a drop ship item. Drop ship items cannot be picked as well because the items are not stored in your Inventory since your Vendor is the one picking and shipping the item directly to your Customer.

If the item is not a Drop ship item but still not showing up on the Picking ticket, check if the item is committed or not. If the item is not committed and the preference for "Show Uncommitted Items on Picking Tickets" is not enabled then your item will also not show up on the Picking ticket. If the some of the items that were not shown on the Picking Ticket, please verify if those items were non-inventory items since we have a preference  "Show Non-Inventory Items on Picking Tickets". Kindly enable the preferences under Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management tab > Picking/Packing section.

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