Sunday, January 20, 2019

Set Campaigns to Inactive via Workflow

Setting Campaigns to Inactive in bulk is not available through CSV Import or Mass Update. To set the Campaigns to Inactive, a Workflow can be created.


I. Create a Campaign Saved Search

a. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New
b. Click Campaign
c. Enter a Search Title
d. In the Criteria tab > Standard subtab, enter the following filter:

Date Created is between (specify a date range that will cover all the campaigns that will be set to Inactive)


Note: You can also use other filters


e. Click Save


II. Create a Workflow

a. Navigate to Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New
b. Enter a Name, for example, "Set campaigns to inactive"

c. Set Record Type = Campaign
d. Set Execute as Admin = True
e. Set Release Status = Released
f. Under the Initiation section, select Scheduled
g. Under the Condition section > Saved Search dropdown list, specify the saved search created in step I
h. Click Save
i. Click New State
j. Enter a Name
k. Click Save
l. Click New Action
m. Click Set Field Value
n. Set Trigger On = Scheduled
o. Under Parameters, set Field = Inactive
p. Under Value > Static Value > Checked = True
q. Set Schedule = Time of Day and in the Start Time field, select the nearest time this workflow will run
r. Click Save

This is an alternate solution for Enhancement 219345 - Mass Update > Ability to set Marketing Campaigns to Inactive.



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