Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Set the Custom Form field of the Case Entry Form via Workflow

Consider the following scenarios:

- Support Reps handle cases whether Help Desk = True or False
- A different custom form will be used when Help Desk = True

To create the workflow that will set the set the value of the Custom Form field in the Case Entry Form when Help Desk = True:

1. Go to  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New

2. Set the following:


  Name: Custom Form Help Desk

  Record Type: Case

  Execute as Admin is checked

  Release Status: Released

  Event Based: On Create = True, On Update = True

  Trigger Type: -All-


3. Click State 1 > New Action > Set Field Value

4. Set the following:

   Trigger On: Before User Edit

   Condition: Use Visual Builder = True

   Condition: Field = Help Desk, Compare Type = checked > Field = Custom Form, Compare Type = none of, Selection = Custom Case Form (Custom Case Form is a placeholder for the name of the custom form)


       Field: Custom Form

       Static Value: Selection = Custom Case Form


5. Click Save

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