Friday, January 18, 2019

To create a Transfer Order Transaction Search email alert to show which were recently received.

To create a Transfer Order Transaction Search Email Alert, perform the following steps:
1. Navigate to Reports > New Search.
2. Click on Transaction link.
3. Click on Create Saved Search button.
4. In the Saved Transaction Search screen, navigate to Criteria tab > Standard subtab.
5. Add the following filter fields:
---Type = is Transfer Order
---Status = is Transfer Order:Pending Fulfillment
---To Location = is (enter the name of the location)
---Tax Line = is false
---Shipping Line = is false
---Main Line = is false
6. Navigate to Results tab > Columns subtab.
7. Add the following column fields.
---To Location
---Ship Via
---Item : Display Name
---Field = Formula (Numeric)
    Formula = {quantity}*-1
    Custom Label = Quantity
---Item : Base Price
---Item : Other Price
8. At Results tab, Set Sort By = Item : Display Name
9. Navigate to Email tab.
10. Mark "Send Email Alerts When Records are Created/Updated" checkbox.
11. Navigate to Email tab > Specific Recipients subtab.
12. Select all recipients who'll receive the email alert from the Recipient field.
13. Navigate to Email tab > Updated Fields subtab.
14. Select "Document Status" from the Field dropdown field.
When Old Value is... Pending Fulfillment
When New Value is... Pending Receipt
15. Rename the Search Title.
16. Click Save & Run.

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