Friday, January 18, 2019

Unable to edit an Inventory Adjustment due to an error that the Record has changed

Users cannot edit an Inventory Adjustment when COGS calculation is still in progress. Theywould need to let the costing engine to finish before user can edit thistransaction as the system needs to know the correct Quantity On Hand and Value.This is usually related to negative InventoryAdjustment for Serialized / LotNumbered Inventory. You can check if COGSrecalculation is finished by doing these steps:

Check the status of COGS recalculation by any of the following steps:

1. Run a Report

a. Navigate to Home>Set Preferences>Reporting/Search subtab
b. On the Reporting section, check the Display Report Title on Screen box
c. Go to Reports>Inventory/Items>Inventory Valuation Report

If the report displays a warning note that COGS Recalculation is still in progress, give it more time before editing the Inventory Adjustment.

2. Check the History > System Notes subtab of the Inventory Adjustment intended to be edited
- Check the latest update done on the transaction and look for the fields below to signify completion of COGS recalculation:

Set By: -System
Field: Impact
Old and New Value: View.

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