Wednesday, January 16, 2019

User Customize a Role > No Search Form is Showing on the Searches Tab

User customize Roles via Setup > User/Roles > Manage Roles > the Search Form drop down is empty even if user have set on the saved search that it is the preferred search for that role.

To set a preferred role on the search:

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > Edit any search.

2. Under Roles tab check Form checkbox next to respective role to set it as the preferred search form for that role.

3. Click Save.

To set the correct preferred search form on the role:

1. Navigate to Setup > User/Roles > Manage Roles > Edit the respective role.

2. On the Searches tab > Standard subtab > Select the Type of record for the search, then select the form on the Search Form drop down.

If the Search Form drop down is empty or is not showing the saved searches then check if there is a field set on the Available Filters tab of the search. If there are no fields on the Available Filters tab of the search then it does not appear on the Search Form drop down.

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