Monday, February 25, 2019

Change Sales Rep/Team via Mass Update

1. Navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates.

2. Select Sales Force Automation.

3. Select Change Sales Rep Assignment.

4. Enter Title of Action (E.g. Custom Change Sales Rep Assignment).

5. Select the Sales Rep/Team from the dropdown list of the field Change Sales Rep to.

6. Under the Criteria tab > Filter column > select a filter to determine which Customers users want to change their Sales Rep/Team.
Note: Users want to change your Customers who are all Individual Type, select Is Individual from the dropdown list. A new window will pop up, select Yes and click Set.

7. Click Preview. The list of customers is displayed indicating Sales Rep/Team assignment.

8. Click Perform Update.

9. Users are directed to the page where it says Mass Update in Progress. Click Refresh to update the status.

10. Once the Mass Update is done, it says Your mass update is complete, and has been successfully performed on (number of) records.

The same steps are also applicable if users navigate to Setup > Sales > Territory Reassignment.

Note:  Once the users perform the update, Sales Representatives will be changed to the employee they have chosen from the Change Sales Rep To field of the mass update process and all the members listed from the Sales Team Sub Tab will be deleted. 

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