Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Creating an Assembly Item Record in OneWorld returns an unexpected error

For OneWorld accounts, users may encounter an unexpected error in creating an Assembly Item when the Subsidiary does not match the Subsidiary selected on the Components / Member Items being added.

The current behaviour of the system is that when you build an Assembly, the Subsidiary is located at the header level. This means, that Subsidiary restriction will flow through the rest of the components. Therefore, you will not be able to build this Assembly if any of the components does not belong to the same SubsidiaryThe usual error message is "You may not add members to a group/kit/assembly unless the subsidiaries for those members completely contain the subsidiaries of the group/kit/assembly."

Therefore prior to saving the Assembly Item, check all the Components / Member Items and verify that the Subsidiary is consistent for these records as well as for the Assembly Item being created.

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