Monday, February 18, 2019

Error encountered when editing subsidiary: 'the anonymous customer must be from the current subsidiary'

  • Normally when you create a subsidiary, NetSuite will create two records for you

1.       Tax Agency xx (XX)

2.       Anonymous Customer XX

o         * xx stands for the initial of the county/state/province/country

o         * XX stands for the subsidiary name

·         Follow the steps below to be able to save the Subsidiary being edited:

1.       Go to the Global Search > Type in Anonymous Customer then the subsidiary's name.

2.       Edit that customer record's Subsidiary field.

3.       Make sure that it matches the subsidiary that you were trying to edit.

4.       Hit Save.


·         If no corresponding Anonymous customer is found you can do the following while editing the subsidiary under Setup > Company> Subsidiaries:


1.       Go to Preferences> Support subtab.

2.       Check if the following fields have values assigned (this could be the same customer record):

o         Anonymous Customer - Inbound Email

o         Anonymous Customer - Online Forms

** If they have values make sure that the Subsidiary assigned to them is the same the subsidiary being edited.

** If there is no values assigned:

1.       Click on the double arrow icon and hit New

2.       Create a customer with these values:

o        Anonymous Customer XX (subsidiary being edited)

o        Subsidiary = XX (subsidiary being edited)

3.       Assign the new customer in both fields.

4.       Hit Save.

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