Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Last Sales Activity Is Not Being Carried Over to Parent Record

Last Sales Activity of child records is expected to not roll up to the parent record.

Here's the expected behavior considering a Customer and its Contact:

1. User Notes are specific only to the record and is not linked to its parent record. For example, a Contact's User Notes are not linked to its parent record, say a Customer record. Hence, the LSA of a Contact record with User Notes will not reflect on the parent Customer record's LSA.

2. As for Marketing Campaigns, if it is sent to a Customer record, responses are tracked on the Customer record only. If Marketing Campaign is sent to the Contact record, responses are tracked on the Contact record only.

3. The same behavior applies for Activities such as Phone Calls, Tasks, etc. on Contacts. If the Activity was created on a Contact level, it only updates the Last Sales Activity field on the record itself. This will not reflect on the Parent record (Customer record the Contact is associated with).

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