Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Maximum Number of Characters for Field Group Name


When customizing entry/transaction forms, user can set Field Groups to forms.

Maximum number of characters for a Field Group name is 123.

User can only input 123 characters. Even if you paste a Name that has 124 characters, it would only apply the first 123 characters.

User can check the current number of characters using the following steps:


A. Via Microsoft Word Document

1. Copy the Field Group Name from NetSuite.

2. Open Microsoft Word.

3. Paste the name.

4. Click on Word Count under Review menu toolbar > Proofing Group.


The result will display similar to the following below:



Pages 1
Words 1
Characters (no spaces) 95
Characters (with spaces) 99
Paragraphs 1
Lines 1


B. Via Microsoft Excel

1. Copy the Field Group name.

2. Open Microsoft Excel.

3. Paste the name on the first cell.

4. Enter the following on the second cell: =LEN(A1).

5. Press Enter.


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