Thursday, February 21, 2019

Procedures in Handling PrompTax Program Tax notices from NY

The State of New York requires larger employersto deposit withholding tax with their payment system called "PrompTax."Employers with more than $100,000 in liabilities are required to make depositswith this system, and are notified by the state if this requirement applies tothem. In addition, employers may voluntarily enroll in PrompTax to enjoy thebenefits of this electronic payment method over check payments or otherelectronic methods. The state assesses hefty penalties for employers who do notenroll in PrompTax promptly after notification of the requirement, or whosepayments are made in a different method, even if the enrollment was madevoluntarily.


If you received a notification fromthe state of New York informing that your business is considered as a PromptTaxfiler, or you have enrolled voluntarily, please provide NetSuite with thesix-digit access number as soon as you receive it, so that we can notifyCeridian to permit PrompTax deposits.


NetSuite will not be responsiblefor agency penalties and interest assessed by the state if you do not provideus with your PrompTax access code.


Here are the options available toyou:


1.You may submit a case with theattached tax notice. Follow the instructions in the SuiteAnswers site withkeyword:


Submit a Tax Notice forInvestigation Case to Premier Payroll Service; Answer Id: 20296


Customer support will contact youthrough phone to get the six-digit access number.


2. Fax the tax notice with thesix-digit access number to the attention of the Payroll Operations Team at650-539-5861. Kindly inform Support as soon as you have faxed the notice toPayroll Operations team so that we can verify if they received it.


Please visit the below link to knowmore about the PrompTax program:

Disclaimer : This article is written with the undertakingthat tax rules and laws are constantly changing and the topic is updated at thepublish date. 

We are not providing tax consulting.  For the most current information, pleasecontact your accountant/tax consultant, call the tax agency or visit the stateofficial website.

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