Saturday, February 23, 2019

Update Est Extended Cost on Sales Orders to Use Current Cost


In Sales Order transactions, Est. Extended Cost is derived from the Item's Cost Estimate Type. There is a default setting in the Item record, under Sales/Pricing tab > Sales: Cost Estimate Type. Note that this can still be changed in the transaction itself.

The Est. Extended Cost is a snap shot value of the item's Cost Estimate Type which is taken upon the creation of the Sales Order transaction.

To make sure that the Sales Order uses the current cost, the best way is to edit the Sales Order itself.

For example, assume that you are using Average Cost as the Cost Estimate Type and the value calculated in the Sales Order is not equal to the current Average Cost.

1.    Open the Sales Order on Edit mode

2.    On the Items tab, go to the specific Line Item.

3.    Change Cost Estimate Type from Average Cost to Custom. Notice that Est. Extended Cost is now blank.

4.    Then change it back to Average Cost. Notice that Est. Extended Cost will now show you the current cost value.

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