Monday, March 18, 2019

Ability to Import Checks Created via Transactions > Bank > Write Checks via CSV Imports

Currently the ability to import Checks created via Transaction > Bank > Write Checks is not available via CSV Import.  We do have the following open enhancement asking for this:

Enhancement 166398: Transaction > Bank > Write Checks > Import Checks or Batch Process Checks for Customers/Vendors created via Write Checks 

We encourage you to vote on this using our 'Enhancement Voting Tool' found under 'Support > NetSuite Account Center'. 

As a possible Alternate Solution you can accomplish this by using WebServices or Scripting. 

For WebServices we have included this little sample request that should give you a starting point to work on:

        <platformMsgs:record xsi:type="s0:Check">
           <s0:account internalId="132" type="account" />
           <s0:entity internalId="7" type="customer" />
                 <s0:account internalId="99" />

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