Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ability to set a Visible field Hidden when creating a new record

This article will show how to set a Visible field Hidden using User Event Script.

This example will remove the Notify Assignee by Email checkbox on a Task record.

  1. Create a new user event script through  Customization > Scripting > Scripts > New > User Event
  2. Enter information needed on the Basic Information:
    Name: (script name)
    Scripts > Script File: Upload the sample script below
    Before Load Function: fieldEdit (name of the function)
    Deployments > Applies to: Task
    Deployed: Yes
    Status: Released
  3. Save the script record

Sample script:

function fieldEdit(){var field = nlapiGetField('sendemail'); //this is the field to be set to hiddenfield.setVisible(false);}

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