Monday, March 25, 2019

Allow Supervisor to Edit Time Tracking Record of Subordinate using the Employee Center Role

Scenario: Supervisor is trying to edit an unapproved time entry using the Employee Center Role. However, there is a Notice: Time Records can not be modified once they have been approved.


Recommendation: The ability to edit the time tracking record of a subordinate using an Employee Center Role is still not yet available. As an alternate solution:


1. Create a Custom Role for the Supervisor.
-Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New (Administrator).
--Name = Supervisor
--Center Type = Classic Center
--Employee Restrictions = own and subordinates only
--Under Permissions tab > Transactions subtab > Add Track Time with Full Level of Permission
--Under Permissions Tab > Reports subtab > Add Time Tracking with View Level of Permission
--Hit Save.

2. Edit the Supervisor's Employee record to add the Custom Role created in Step # 1.
-Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees (Administrator).
-Click on Edit link beside the Supervisor's Employee record.
-Under Access tab > Roles subtab > Add Supervisor Role.

-Hit Save.

*Result: Logging into this new Supervisor Role, the user will be able to edit the unapproved time tracking record.


Note: Please see Enhancement # 135739 for more detailed information.

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