Monday, March 18, 2019

Associate bins to item records via CSV Import

If the Bin Management feature is enabled without the Advanced Bin Management feature you are required to associate bins with items before you can use bins on transactions. Assigning bins to an item can be done via CSV import especially if there is a high number of items and bins. Below are the steps:

Step A. Create a CSV file with the columns for Internal ID of the item and the Internal ID of the Bin.

1.    To get the internal ID of the item, customize the Items list (Lists > Accounting > Items) and add a column for Internal ID.

2.    To get the internal ID of the bins, customize the Bins list (Lists > Supply Chain > Bins) and add a column for Internal ID.

3.    The internal id of the item will have to be entered on multiple rows if it is to be assigned with multiple bins. For example, your file can contain the following:

Internal ID Item                  Bin Number

4000                                    Bin1

4000                                    Bin2

4000                                    Bin3

4001                                    Bin1

4002                                    Bin2


Step B. Once the file is created and saved, proceed with the import process following these steps:

1.    Go to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.

2.    Import Type = Items

3.    Record Type = Inventory Item

4.    Click Select button to choose the file to upload.

5.    Click Next.

6.    Data Handling = Update

7.    On the Field Mapping section, map the internal ID column of your file against the Internal ID field.

8.    Map the Use Bins NetSuite field and set the default value to Yes.

9.    Map the Bin Number Internal ID against Item Bin Numbers 1: Bin Number field and set the Reference Type as Internal ID.

10.  Click Next.

11.  Enter an Import Name.

12.  Click Save & Run.


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  1. when I try to import multiple bins per item only the 1st bin is imported and the additional bins fail with error message "invalid binnumber reference key <1506> for location" yet the bin number internal ID (1506) IS correct for the bin