Friday, March 8, 2019

Buy X, Get Y subtabs are missing when creating Buy X, Get Y Promotions using a Custom Role

Custom Role of user has Full level permission for Promotion. The role has full level permission to the following Custom Record Types: AP Eligible Customer, AP Eligible Order, AP Minimum Purchase, AP Promotion Discount, AP Promotion Shipping Method, AP Promotion Shipping Price, AP Promotion Tier and AP Promotional Offer.

However, when the user navigates to Lists > Marketing > Promotions > New and selects Buy X, Get Y Promotions, under the Eligibility tab, Buy X subtab is missing. User can see the Order subtab instead of the Buy X subtab. Under Discount tab, user cannot see the Get Y subtab.

To resolve this, use the steps below:

1. As Administrator, navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.

2. Edit the role.

3. Click the Forms tab > Other Record subtab.

4. For Promotion Record Type, make sure that no Form is marked as Preferred.

5. Click Save.

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