Saturday, March 30, 2019

Company Information Element on PDF Layouts

Company Information displayed on PDF Layouts can be sourced from one of three areas:

  1. The Default Company Address information set for the company found under Setup > Company > Company Information > Address field
    Note: For OneWorld Accounts the Subsidiary Address will be displayed (can be found by navigating to Setup > Company > Classifications > Subsidiaries > Address subtab > Address field of a particular Subsidiary selected)
  2. When using custom transaction forms, user might also define another Address by filling the Address field of that form. This way the new address will be displayed for the particular transaction instead of the Company Address.
  3. When the Use Location Address on Forms setting is enabled in the account (that can be found under Setup > Company > Printing & Fax > Printing > Transactions) the Location Address will be used in Company Information field.

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