Monday, March 18, 2019

Create a Custom Sublist to show Invoices Created out of a Sales Order in the Invoice Record


Create a saved search which will be added in a custom sublist. Here are the steps:

1. Create a saved search:

*Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Transactions.

* In the Criteria tab add Type = Invoice

* In the Results tab, add the following (Summary Type for all except Number is Maximum, Number should be Group):

--- Formula Text = Formula =

to_char('<a href=https://' ||'' ||{internalid}||'>View</a>')||' | '||to_char('<a href=https://' || ''||{internalid}||'&e=T>Edit</a>')

Set the Summary Label to View | Edit

--- Date

--- Number

--- Name

--- Created From

--- Amount

* In the Available filters tab add Applied to Transaction

* Give the search a name and click on Public. Click Save.

2. Create the sublist in your invoice form.

*Navigate to Customization > Forms > Sublists

*In the Transaction tab select your saved search in the Search column. Then set the following columns:

--- Label = Invoices

--- Tab = Related Records

--- Sale = Yes

--- Field = Created From

* Click Save.

If you go to your invoice (created from a sales order) > Related Records tab > Invoices subtab > Click on View to show the invoice in View mode and click on Edit to show the invoice in Edit Mode.


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