Thursday, March 21, 2019

Create a Report to Show Invoices Paid or Closed within a Specific Date Range

To create a report that will show Invoices that have been paid or closed within a specific date range, follow the steps below:

1.    Navigate to Reports > Sales > Sales by Customer > Customize

2.    Go to the Filters tab

3.    Set the Date Filter to not empty

4.    Expand the Sales folder and click on Date Closed to add it as a filter

*Date Closed is the date when the payment was made or when the invoice has been closed/fully paid

5.    Set the date range for Date Closed

6.    On the Sales folder, look for Transaction Type subfolder and select Long Name

7.    Set the Transaction Type: Long Name filter to equal to Invoice only

8.    If you also want to display the Date Closed column on the results when you run the report, go to Edit Columns tab

9.    Expand Sales folder again and click on Date Closed to add it as a column on the report

10.  Assign a title to the report

11. Save

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