Tuesday, March 26, 2019

CSV Imports> Add/Update Item Records > Error: Invalid custitem reference key xx

When this error message is encountered, NetSuite cannot find the values on the customized field included on the .csv file.

xxx refers to the customized field having issues.

To fix this:
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Lists. Click the particular list (xxx) from the error message.
2. Open the .csv file.
3. Check the values entered on the csv file. Make sure the values are consistent with the values in NetSuite.

  • Spaces - check consistency of spaces before and after the values
  • Spelling - check if values are spelled correctly
  • Capitalizations - check consistency of upper and lower cases
  •  Make sure values exists in NetSuite, add on the list if necessary
  • When importing Multiple Select Fields, check if on the Import Options> Advanced Options> The Custom Multi-Select Value Delimiter matches the delimiter used on the Multiple Select field values on the CSV file.
4. If there are other customized fields on the file. Check them as well to avoid same error message with another reference key.
5. Save file.

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