Monday, March 25, 2019

Current Inventory Snapshot Report to show the On Hand Quantity of items in BOM Structure format.

Currently, customizing the Current Inventory Snapshot report to show items in BOM Structure format is not possible. Instead, users may access the BOM Inquiry page.


1.     Navigate to Transactions > Manufacturing > Bill of Materials Inquiry.

2.     Select an Assembly Item and the Location.

3.     Set the box Top Level Only based on user preference.

All Names and Quantity On Hand of each Component associated to the Assembly Item are listed below the page. The Level column will show the hierarchy of each component with respect to the Assembly Item. If Top Level Only box = F, each layer of sub-assembly is indented based on the BOM's Hierarchy.

At present, we can only choose to show the On Hand for either All or one Location at a time.  Hence, the running BOM Inquiry is not able to show all of the Quantity On Hand per Location in one page. As an alternate solution, we can customize an Item Saved Search to show the Quantity On Hand of Assembly Items and its Components per Location in a BOM Structure format, see the steps below:

1.     Navigate to Reports > New Search > Select > Item

2.     On the Criteria tab and the following:

          Type = is Assembly/Bill of Materials

          Member Item fields... > select Inventory Location =  select the appropriate Location(s)

3.     On the Results tab:

          Sort by : Name

          Then ByMember Item

4.     On the Results > Columns sub-tab add the following:


          Member Item

          Member Item fields...: Inventory Location

          Member Item fields...: Location On Hand

5.     Click Pivot Report button

6.     Drag and drop the following fields to the Layout section:

          Name = Drag field into Row Dimension

          Member Item = Drag field into Row Dimension

          Member Item: Inventory Location = Drag field into Columns

          Member Item : Location On Hand = Drag field into Columns

7.     Click Run Report

In the Report Preview, the first column shows the Names of Assembly/ Bill of Materials Item followed by the Member Items in separate rows on an indented format within the same column. Depending on the Inventory Location set in the criteria, subsequent columns will show the On Hand Quantity of each of the Components per location.

Export to Word, PDF, CSV or Excel can be performed while viewing the report results. At present, when customizing an Item Saved Search only the Top Level Assembly is shown.

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  1. Hi
    I cannot find the "Pivot Button" listed in step #5?
    I have searched all over and I am unable to find. I am the administrator and we use Suite Oneworld with Manufacturing Module.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.