Saturday, March 9, 2019

Deleting Support Topic Causes an Unexpected Error

Here is a list of areas that can be checked if an unexpected error isencountered when deleting topics:

1. Topicshould not be connected to any solution and this can be verified under the Solutionstab of the topic. If a solution is attached then edit that solution andremove the topic under the Topics Tab.

2. Topicshould not be published into any Knowledge Base. Under the Publishtab no Knowledge Base should be listed.

If both suggestions above are already checked and the error persists, make surethere is no inactive solution of knowledge base associated to the topic.

1. Navigateto List > Support > Solutions.

2.Click Edit View.

3. Under Results tab, add Topic Fields.. > Title.

4. Click Save.

5. Mark the ShowInactives checkbox.

6. Edit thesolutions showing the topic to be deleted and remove the latter from the Topicstab.

7. Navigateto List > Support > Knowledge Base > Mark ShowInactives.

8. Make surethe topic to be deleted does not appear under Published Location column.

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