Sunday, March 17, 2019

Edit Intercompany Sales Order throws error: You cannot change the GL impact for Intercompany Inventory Transfer lines


·        Updatefields on Intercompany Sales Order(e.g. Date, Location) which were created from Manage Intercompany Sales Order

·        Error:

You cannot changethe GL impact for intercompany inventory transfer lines




·        User cannot make a GL-impacting change on the IntercompanySales Order (ICSO) that wascreated from an Intercompany Purchase Order(ICPO)

·        Modifications will cause an accounting discrepancybetween the purchasing and sales parties

·        It is designed this way to keep the GL Impact consistent throughout theworkflow

·        The GLImpacting fields include but not limited to: date, quantity, amount, etc.

·        Quantity and ItemRate change(s) are:

·        Allowed for Non-InventoryItems

·        Not allowed for Inventory items


·        Users are prevented from making GL-impacting change after the ICPO and ICSO are linked as a pair.

·        If user is likely to change the content of  ICSO:

·        Create the ICPOfirst

·        Do not generate the ICSO until field values are finalized (i.e. date, quantity, rate)on the ICPO

·        By doing so, user can keep on changing the ICPO items until the transactionis finalized, and have a consistent PO/SO pair once they are linked. 

·        If user wants to have a preliminary document totrack the sales side activity, user can create a Sales Estimate for the Intercompany Customer


·        For existing ICSO:

·        Close the ICSO

·        Close the ICPO

·        Remake the ICPOwith the correct field value (e.g. date, quantity, rate, Class /Department / Location)

·        Remake the ICSO

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