Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Employee Center role > can view link to Approve Expense Reports/ Time / Purchase Request/Orders even if permission is just Create and View



  • Using Non-Employee Center (i.e. Administrator) role:
    1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.
    2. View Employee Center role > Permissions tab > Transactions sub tab.
    3. User is only given permission = Create or View for the following:
      • Expense Report
      • Purchase Order
      • Track Time


  • Login using Employee Center role
    • User can view the following in the Employee Center - Home Links portlet:
      • Approve Expense Reports
      • Approve Time
      • Approve Purchase Request


  • Administrator does not wish for user to view the Approve links in the Employee Center role



This is bydesign in NetSuite.


  • The Approve links show up in the Employee Center role once an employee is tagged as either one of the following in the Employee record > Human Resources tab of another employee (subordinate):
    • Supervisor
    • Expense Approver
    • Purchase Approver
    • Time Approver


  • These Approve links will not show up in the Employee Center if the employee is no longer an Expense ApproverPurchase Approver and Time Approver and has never been a supervisor of any another employee.
  • User will not be able to remove the Approve links in the Employee Center role as long as that employee has been a supervisor of another employee.
    • Subordinate's employee record >  Human Resources tab > Supervisor_Change Hist. sub tab may be used to verify this detail.

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