Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Employee name shows twice when using Global Search, Employee List : Name column, Employee record : Employee ID or Supervisor field

Employee Name show up with format Employee Name : Employee Name in places like:

         Global Search

         Employee List > Name column under Lists > Employees > Employees

         Employee record:

         Employee ID field

         Supervisor field



1.    As Administrator Navigate to Setup> Company > Auto Generated Numbers > Entities tab.

2.    Set Enable = False for Employees.

3.    Click the Save button.

4.    Navigate to List > Employee > Employee > New

5.    Create a new Employee record.

Note: Auto is marked as True for Employee ID

6.    Navigate to Setup > Company > Auto Generated Numbers.

7.    Set Enable = False for Employees under the Entity tab.

8.    Click the Save button.

9.    Navigate to List > Employee > Employee.

10.  Edit and save the employee from steps 5.

11.  Search for the employee name using Global Search.


Alternate Solutions:


Option 1:

1. Edit employee record of John Doe

2. Uncheck Auto Box beside Employee ID

3. Append any character on Name

- Example: add character "1" on the Last name to become Doe1

- Check the Auto Box beside Employee ID

- Employee ID should populate as John Doe1

4. Save

5. Edit

6. Uncheck again the Auto Box beside Employee ID

- Remove the character "1"

- Enter the correct name

7. Check Auto Box beside Employee ID

- Employee ID should populate as John Doe

8. Save

9. Type the correct name on Global Search and check if the issue is fixed



Option 2:

1. Set Allow Override = True for Employees under the Setup >Company > Auto Generated Numbers > Entities tab

2. Edit the Employee record

3. Employee ID should now have format Employee Name only

4. Save the Employee record without making any changes


Option 3:

1. Setup > Company > Auto Generated Numbers >Entities tab

2. Set Enable = True for Employees

3. Enter an Initial Number

4. Mark the Update box as True

5. Click the Save button

Note: Updating the Initial Number modifies all employee records to start showing the Employee ID as a number and not employee names

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