Wednesday, March 27, 2019

FAQs : Grid Order Management


How many items in the grid order are being supported by this feature?
It only supports a maximum of 200 items.   The recommended number of sales order lines is 200. 

Can it support a matrix item with only one attribute?
No, it supports matrix items with 2 or more attributes set.

Is it possible to reflect the customization of the sales order form in the Grid Order Entry Pop Up?
No, it will not be reflected.

Where will the items' price be taken from?
The initial price will be retrieved from the base price of the item.  During edit mode, pricing with quantity pricing and discounts will be based on the price indicated on the sales order form.

Which item types are being supported by the Grid Order Entry?
Inventory Item and Assembly Items (Matrix, Serialized, or Lot Numbered)

I am entering sales orders in NetSuite via my mobile device. Can I also use the grid order entry on it?
No, it will not work on mobile devices.

Can we use CSV Import to create multiple grid templates?
No, CSV Import is not supported. 

Will the system allow creation of duplicate grid attributes?
No, once the duplicate attribute is saved, a Notice (SuiteScript) will be thrown: "There is already a Grid Attribute element with that name".

Is this Grid Order Management bundle available to all users?
No, it is a managed bundle and available to both WD and Mfg. edition.  However, as of this time, the feature is under regression testing by our QA and its target release is third Quarter of this year.

Is this available to both Single Instance and OneWorld accounts?

How does this work with existing item option lists?
It is a separate functionality from item option list.  They are different.

Is this available to Customer Center roles?

No. The Grid Order Entry uses records that cannot be accessed with a Customer Center role.

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