Sunday, March 17, 2019

Handling dropshipped items returned by Customers to be restocked/added to the item's quantity on hand.

  1. Open the originating transaction (SalesOrder) that recorded the items ordered by the customer

  2. Click Authorize Return button. The user will be routed to the CustomerReturn Authorization form

  3. Before saving the Customer ReturnAuthorization, make sure that the checkbox under the Drop Shipment column in line with each Drop Shipped item should not be marked.

  4. Hit Save button. 

  5. Once the transaction is saved, aReceive button will appear on the CustomerReturn Authorization in view mode.

  6. Click the Receive button torecord the receipt of items returned by the customer.  The latter action will route you to the Item Receipt form.

  7. Before saving the Item Receipt,make sure that the box under the Restock?column is marked.

Note: If the Item Receipt transactiondoes not have a GL Impact, this would imply that the item returned does nothave a cost history with which the system can use as basis of the item's cost.

Solution is to expose the Override Rate field on theItem Receipt form to specify a unit cost that will be assigned as cost ofthe item returned.

An appropriate unit cost to associate in the itemis the cost specified in the Vendor Billcreated from the Drop Ship PurchaseOrder for the liability incurred in purchasing the Drop Shipped Item for the customer

To expose the Override Ratefield in the Item Receipt form; here are the steps that you need to do:

  1. In the Item Receipt form,click the Customize link>Customize Form

  2. Navigate to Screen Fields tab>Columns subtab>Mark the box underthe Show column next to the Override Rate field.

  3. Hit Save button

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