Friday, March 22, 2019

Hide Inactive Checkbox under the System Information Tab

Role with Customer List permission set to Edit, will have the ability to see and check the Inactive button under the System Information tab on the customer record.  Users can hide this checkbox on the form and restrict this form to the role users.


1.  Make a copy of the preferred Customer entry form by navigating to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms and click Edit for the preferred Customer/Lead/Prospect form.

2.  Rename the form.  E.g. Restricted Form

3.  Uncheck the Form is Preferred checkbox.

4.  Click Fields and go to System Information sub tab.

5.  Uncheck the Show checkbox for Inactive.

6.  Click the arrow beside the Save button and select Save As.


To make sure role users will not be able to Inactive a customer record, Administrators may want to restrict this form to the role.

1.  Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.

2.  Click Edit for the role that you want to update.

3.  Under Forms > Entity sub tab, put a checkmark on the Restricted checkbox for the form created for this purpose.

4.  Click Save.

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