Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Invoke MapSSO Web Services Operation Using (PHP Toolkit 2012.2 and Later)

Invoke the mapSSO Web Services operation using (PHP Toolkit 2012.2 and Later)

  • This article requires existing knowledge of Web Services and PHP.
  • PHP Toolkit is already configured.
  • Generating SSO URL and Authentication Token is not included here. (Kindly refer to Answer Id: 21428)

Required Parameters:
1. Authentication Token - This is a string representing the Private Key encrypted Netsuite token.

Example:  (Kindly generate your own Authentication Token, don't copy this)

2. User Email - The email address of the user being mapped.
3. Pasword - The password of the user being mapped
4. NetSuite Account - The account number of the user being mapped to
5. Partner ID - The application partner ID provided during SSO Setup. This, most of the time, is the same as the NetSuite Account.

Sample Code:

Put the mapSSO.php in your PHP Directory, on this example it's under /PHPToolkit_2013_1/samples (See below).

After running the mapSSO.php the result will be like this (see below).

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