Saturday, March 9, 2019

Item Fulfillment> Item is Set to Ships Individually> Packages tab Box and Weight is null

With the following requisites concurring, fulfillment does not create separate packages for the items marked as Ships Individually rather resulted to null box and weight:


Ships Individually on the item record = Marked

- Shipping Label Integration = Enabled

- Pick, Pack and Ship = Disabled

- Shipping Item = Real-Time Rate


The abovementioned behaviour is consistent with NetSuite's design. Packages were implemented to make real-time rates more accurate, therefore it only works with real-time rates as noted on Enhancement Request 216930.



Users, however, have the options to add a Package by navigating On Setup> Accounting> Shipping> On the Packages tab> Name = Workaround; Length = 12; Width = 12 Height =3 > Add then Submit.


By adding the Package users could now see the packages created on the Item Fulfillment.



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