Sunday, March 31, 2019

List of Assembly Build Transactions with No Rolled Up Cost From the Components to The Primary Assembly Item (No GL Impact)

-Navigate to Reports>Saved Searches>All Saved Searches>New

-Select Search Type = Transaction

-Enter the desired title of the Search under the Search Title field

-Navigate to Criteria tab>Standard subtab>Filter column and add the following filters:

a. Type = is Assembly Build

b. Main Line = is true

c. Amount (Transaction Total) = is 0.00

-Navigate to Results tab>Columns subtab>Field column and add the following:

a. Date

b. Type

c. Number

d. Item

e. Amount

-Navigate to Available Filters tab>Filter column and add the field: Date then mark the box under the Show in Footer column next to the field added.

-Hit Save & Run button

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