Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lists > Accounting > Items > prompt: Waiting for > Page times out


·        Navigate to Lists> Accounting > Items

·        Receives prompt:

·        Waiting for

·        Page thentimes out  




·        It is possible that the value for the  Viewfield in the filter region of the Items list is that of an Item Saved Search tagged with Availableas List View = True

·        One or more fields (example: Formula (Currency)) underthe Criteria tab > Standard sub tab or Results tab > Columns sub tab of the search might be causing the result to timeout

·        To open the list in a non-saved search view:

·        Another user may open the list with View = Default or in case of the Items list > View = All

·        Copy the URL ( the page reloads

·        Send the URL to the user who is timing out whenopening the list page

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