Thursday, March 21, 2019

New Invoice does not display in Transaction > Management > Print Checks and Forms > Invoices > Print Invoices page even if it is not yet printed

As of now, new Invoices will only show in Print Invoices page if To Be Printed checkbox is checked on the Invoice itself assuming that Allow Reprinting = F.

1. Edit the Invoice.

2. Navigate to Communication Tab.

3. Mark check the To Be Printed checkbox.

4. Click Save.

If you want to check the To Be Printed checkbox by default, you may want to do either of the following steps:

1. Edit the Customer Record and set the Send Transactions Via Print = T under Preferences Tab. And if you want to check the Send Transactions Via Print on the Customer Record by default upon creation, please navigate to Setup > Company > Printing & Fax > Transactions section > CUSTOMERS DEFAULT TO PRINT TRANSACTIONS = T.

2. Customize the Invoice from and under Screen Fields Tab > Communication: Messages Subtab, set the Default Checked checkbox = T beside To be Printed field.

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