Friday, March 8, 2019

Quota, Override and Variance Columns are Empty on Forecast vs. Quota Report when Viewed by Custom Roles

Even though the role of the user has permission to view the Forecast vs Quota report (Reporting -> Sales Force Automation permission), the values on Quota and Forecast would not show if the custom role has:

1. Employee Restrictions (e.g. Own and Subordinates only) configured or
2. Sales Role field is marked
To confirm, navigate to Setup > User/Roles > Manage Roles > then click Edit on the role in question and then check the values on both Employee Restrictions and Sales Role fields.

Employee Restrictions:

Employee Restrictions field restrict the role's access to transaction, customer, and employee records, based on values in the employee, sales rep, and supervisor fields on these records. The restrictions set here may also limit the values that users logged in with this role can assign to these fields on records.

  • none - no default – There is no restriction on what can be selected and a default selection does not appear. All records are accessible.
  • none - default to own – There is no restriction on what can be selected and the default selection is the user. All records are accessible.
  • own, subordinate, and unassigned – Users can only select themselves, their subordinates, or leave the employee, sales rep, or supervisor field blank, and they can only access records with one of these selections in these fields
  • own and subordinates only – Users can only select themselves and their subordinates in the employee, sales rep, or supervisor fields, and they can only access records with themselves or subordinates selected in these fields.
Sales Role:

If you set restrictions in the Employee Restrictions field, check this box if employees using this role should be restricted based on the Sales Rep field on records and transactions.
  • Users with this role can only see quota, forecast, and commission data for themselves and their subordinates.

Users may want to create a new role without Employee Restriction configured and Sales Role should be unmarked.
For additional information on this, refer to the Help topic Customizing or Creating NetSuite Roles (ID: 9896).

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