Thursday, March 14, 2019

Redirect to a Page on Button-Click via the Workflow Manager

Instead of creating a user event script to display a button on a record, you can take advantage of the Workflow Manager to create the button and be redirected to a certain page in NetSuite.
1. Create a new workflow by navigating to  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New.

2. Define the workflow
   a. Name = Go to a page on button click
   b. Record Type = Transaction
   c. Sub Types = Estimate
   d. Release Status = Released
   e. On Update = True
   f. Trigger Type = Before Record Load
   g. Click Save.

3. To add a workflow state, click New State and set Name = Button, then hit Save

4. Click on the Button state and click New Action
   a. Select Add Button.
   b. Trigger On = Before Record Load
   c. Label = Approve
   d. Save
5. Click New State and set Name = Go To Page, then hit Save.  
6. Click on the Go To Page state and click New Action
   a. Select Go To Page.
   b. Trigger On = Entry
   c. Page = Estimate
   d. Save
7. Create a new transaction. Select the Button state first. Click the New Transition button and then select the Go To Page state. On the transition, set the following:
- Button = Go To Page
- Save

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